Indeed, cancerous diseases are not only a scientific, biological and medical issue, but a tragedy for all of mankind. Malignant diseases exponentially affect and kill people of the modern society.

In 2009, 7.3 million people of the male and 6.7 million people of the female sex were diagnosed with malignant diseases, whereas 7.7 million of them died of cancerous diseases. Studies recently carried out showed that by 2030 the number of deaths from cancer will have doubled and constitute 13.3 million deaths per year worldwide (World Health Organization, World Cancer Report. Lyon, 2011).

Despite permanently increasing financial expenses into the billions in national and international currency, existing national scientific and medical institutes in every single country of the world to date have not been able to offer effective methods for an early diagnosis, an adequate cure and screening for cancer and malignant diseases (Международная агентура для исследования рака, Всемирная организация здравоохранения, 06/2010; International Agency for Research on Cancer, World Health Organization, 6/2010).

Are humans living in the first half of the 21st century prepared to conquer a fatal disease such as cancer?! Does modern society possess the outstanding human potential and ultramodern scientific and technological resources necessary?

... At first glance: both yes and no. At any rate, one can confirm with objective certainty that every single step in science of each individual country in the world contributes to the mosaic of understanding the given issue. However, what is convincing as well is that only by combining the will of world leaders, multiplied by the real potential of global capital, may scholars of various worldwide governments bring the present civilization not only closer to the minimization of the said tragedy of mankind, but also to its full “extinction” in the near future.

It is also obvious that the inertness of the world community must necessarily be “converted” into a full transcontinental movement to give it an initial far-reaching political push. And then, after adding the financial capital, after considering the existing achievements in worldwide fundamental and applied science and after summarizing their statistics, it is necessary to “look” into the absolutely new dimension of this issue of mankind and its solution.

Therefore, considering the objective criteria, the answer to the above-mentioned rhetorical question can be predicted virtually successful with YES rather than no!

Accordingly, such a global and large-scale issue of mankind cannot be solved by an individual person or an individual government, neither in scientific, nor in financial terms. Not one country, not one continent of the planet has scientific and technological achievements comparable to world intelligence. Likewise, the priority of success and the code for the creation of a final result cannot be given to one individual person and hidden “under lock and key”.

Consequently, the barriers still unknown in the solution of the given issue of mankind can only be removed by “shaking” them with a transcontinental movement of the planet, the human and technological world intelligence must be united into one single entity, non-standard approaches and principles of the understanding of the issue must be found hitherto at unexplored levels of global science, different standards for identification, cure and screening for the cancer pandemic of mankind must be set.

General Action Plan

Is it possible to revolutionize the understanding of one of the global and acute tragedies of mankind, which happens to be the cancer pandemic of the present world civilization, by mankind itself? Which really conceptually new and definite measures suitable for fundamentally releasing mankind from the incessant deadly realities of the cancerous plague are on offer at global level?

1) The historical global concept "World Anticancer Movement" (VAM) is the first attempt in the evolution of life on earth. At present, it is a unique, highly important, humanist and exceptionally peaceful mission of mankind.

2) The premiere of the scientific concept "World Anticancer Movement" just took place at the International forum for the cure of cancer (IFTC), Guangzhou, China, 25-27 May, 2012 and was positively received in the scientific world. The resolution taken by the International forum for the cure of cancer was signed by its participants, scholars and professors of leading universities of countries such as China, the USA and Japan (see Annex 1).

3) The transcontinental concept "World Anticancer Movement" proposed for the first time in history must without doubt be examined and supported at the highest political level by the leading countries of the world. As only the global political will is decisive in the global impulse of such a movement of mankind and its continued progress towards full success.

4) Such a historical and major political initiative may be presented by President one of the countries in the near future. And in doing so, President such country may announce a new creative peaceful vector both in the national and in the international politics of, without exception, all countries of the world.

5) It would be useful if the global peaceful political initiative of President and the human creative concept "World Anticancer Movement" was consecrated with the highest holy order of one of the two leading churches worldwide – orthodox and catholic. As everything is in God's hands. And a blessed and priceless gift to mankind, such as health, has always belonged to the Almighty. Therefore, the constant support of the “World Anticancer Movement” by the global churches is also one of the major factors in the dynamic realization of the mission of the initiated international movement.

6) The establishment of the international highly modern research complex "World Antitumor City" (WAC) is considered a fundamental and highly important research and practical segment in the conception "World Anticancer Movement". The unique super complex of the future "World Antitumor City" is compact in its architectural structure and comprises the most rare and unconventional innovative ideas of mankind at the moment, as well as the unique elaborations of modern science and technology for the achievement of the noble aim for mankind: the ascent of civilization to the Olympic peak of its evolution without cancer and malignant diseases already in the near future of the current 21st century!

In the created "World Anticancer City", a highly intellectual and considerably professional international team of scholars, constructors, managers etc. will be formed, regardless of biological age, selected on a competitive basis and working according to a rotary scheme regarding the time.

The deadlines for the realization of the "World Antitumor City", including the planning, construction and the introduction of the entire research complex into full operation – 5 years starting from the moment of political and ecclesiastical blessing of the “World Anticancer Movement”.

7) Only after the unification of political, financial and scientific efforts of the “World Anticancer Movement” at global level and after the establishment of a strong alliance in the fight against cancer, it is possible to reliably and objectively establish a unique “Anti-Cancer Biological Weapon” (ABW) in the coming decade.

8) For unbureaucratic and practical preparation, elaboration and multi-step realization of the “World Anticancer Movement”, the assumption of a particularly legal, fiscal and economic status in the country implementing and managing the mentioned project is also provided for. At the moment, Austria is considered such a country with its legal practice in the existence of various international organizations of several years.

9) The financial conception of the “World Anticancer Movement” provides for a mixed model of financing using international private and intergovernmental capital. The introduction of intercontinental capital and its owners, as legally equitable partners, is already important in the first phases of the preparation and implementation of the given project.

The general financing of the “World Anticancer Movement” amounts to about € 7-9 billion in the first 5-year period.

10) For the permanent coordination and management of the “World Anticancer Movement”, an International collegiate body will be formed, in the Guardianship and Coordination Councils of which well-known politics, businessmen, scholars, financers, managers etc. of the world community will be selected.


The above-mentioned global transcontinental project “World Anticancer Movement” with its main principal focus on the establishment of the “World Antitumor City” is unparalleled worldwide and is exceptionally unique and missionary regarding its approach to the fatal cancerous problem of mankind.

Considering the above-mentioned and purely objective arguments, it is possible to fight cancer and to release mankind from the cancer pandemic and the threat of death from cancer constantly connected with it already within the next decade.

Only with such a multi-vectoral and multi-functional plainness is it possible to solve one of the global issues of world civilization and to conquer the centuries-old fatal cancerous plague of mankind.

Therefore, the successful implementation of the suggested unique and large-scale scientific technological project “21st century: Mankind conquers Cancer”, only after the approval of President one of the countries himself, will reinforce mankind's hope under his personal political patronage that in the near future, a long-awaited message will spread around the world such as:

“Cancer is no longer a tragedy of mankind –

Cancer has been defeated!”

Consequently, such a long-awaited message to the world may become reality for mankind on our planet in the near future.