For the improvement on the quality of life of the population getting older and with the illnesses connected with that, particularly different species of cancer, the surgical therapy possibilities are of great importance. Through this the health expenditure grew more strongly than the complete economy performance within the last few years.

At analysis of the development of the illness statistics of the last decades an increasing rate stands out, despite financial effort of diagnostics and therapy, (major part equipment, intensive medicine etc.) which has increased exorbitantly at cancer illnesses and cancer deaths.

More than 34,000 people fall ill with cancer in Austria every year. Within the last years essential improvements could not be obtained in this regard, the therapy opportunities used at present are of a restricted efficiency.

In today's opinion of medicine tumor represents the cancer illness. It therefore suffices after official validity to remove the tumor curatively in order to bring about a cure-like condition.

There is already the first tragic mistake of medicine here, however. Because the tumor hasn't formed itself sui generic, therefore autochthonous, but due to a diseased environment, a subchronical attraction influence of local manner on the cell tissue, existing for years. The at first clinically quiet illness becomes manifest through a specific and general insufficiency of the defence when entering. So the tumor is only a late symptom of an attraction reply to the fabric. However, the elimination of a symptom doesn't mean any cure.

Cure is only possible if one will switch over to new treatment principles with cancer

Such a rearrangement can only logically be obtained in a meaningful way in the context of a medical technological anticancer institution established on know-how in the modern times.

The Austrian as well as the European health system is changing. The putting into action decides on the success of the health reform.

The "optimal health for everyone" will be no longer finance able!

Despite the disadvantages when financing in opposition to government funded or the from government funds subsidized hospitals, the private institutions have proved that they can supply efficient clinics up to standard. Private institutions take on an exemplary responsibility at scarce public resources by self-financing of investments.

A deep solution for the cancer dilemma would be, a unique international project named "World Antitumor City" (WAC), which is more than an idea, it is a vision. This means a completely new dimension in the cancer difficulties and represents the new alternative to today's treatment possibilities.

The modern complex "WAC" should be one of the leading medical facilities worldwide for oncology (cancer fighting) with ultra-modern rehabilitation, leisure, communication and research areas in the 21st century.

The oncological spectrum will contain all modern methods for diagnostics and treatment with own over several decades of know-how of theoretical, experimental and clinical experience.

Problem-oriented are the active multimodal individual diagnostics and therapy concepts both as a prophylaxis (prevention) when recovering with family cancer case history and after-care carried out with cured cancer patients in times of a new health consciousness. New optimal and various treatment options will predict a longer life for the millions until the last incurable people suffering from cancer and facilitate cancer treatment.

The foundation of the scheduled new international anticancer institution will also make it possible to organize an anticancer research team at the "WAC" and to entrust them with defined scientific tasks.

Such medical facilities which will open up new therapy possibilities for cancer patients in cooperation with other clinical complexes and research centres in the field of oncology, being for the first time worldwide founded.

An interdisciplinary and international project team works on it consisting of doctors, business consultants, architects, civil engineers, scientists, consul ducks and jurists. The complete planning can be provided to set up modern medicine and technology, inclusive cryosurgery and cryotechnology, as the first international institution for oncology with main emphasis.

In this consciousness one can devote himself to the hope with the realization of the worldwide most important and most modern project "WAC", that

"Cancer is no more human tragedy - Cancer is defeated"

The headline to be expected still will go one day in this 21st century around the world.

Certainly a hope for the future.

Man shall finally win the fight against the cancer illness. In principle, this is one of the most important challenges of the modern innovative knowledge for the human civilization on our planet in this century.